Meet the team
behind Zipp.

Charlie Gleeson

Founder and CEO

Charlie spends his time shouting about Zipp from the rooftops to attract new business and investment while also ensuring that all Zipp's teams have the resources they need to reach their full potential. He also makes sure everyone’s having a bit of craic while doing so. Outside of Zipp, Charlie likes to unwind by surfing, playing with his doggos and catching up with his mates over a few pints.

David Maloney

UK General Manager

Meet Dave, our UK General Manager. Dave joined Zipp after over 20 years at IBM where he held senior roles in business development, mobility and technology. Originally trained as an engineer, Dave is more than capable of teasing through whatever technical problem may pop up in day-to-day operations. Dave is Zipp's resident vegan and enjoys the occasional marathon or swim in the sea with his kids.

Ben Duffy
Operations Lead

Ben is Zipp’s Operations Lead. He is responsible for ensuring both on-the-ground and off-the-ground Ops are running smoothly. He spends his free time playing piano and teaching the more senior members of the Ops team how to make TikToks.

Keith Wharton

Financial Controller

Keith is Zipp's Financial Controller. He oversees all of our accounting activities, making sure the books balance and the purse strings are kept under control! Outside of Zipp, he works part-time as the world's best uncle and on the weekends can usually be found at a stag-do.

At Zipp we value three things: honesty, drive and having the craic. These are the values we embody as we work to reinvent how people move in towns and cities. Our mission of "mobility done right" would not be achievable without our amazing team. Meet a few of them below.

Will O'Brien
VP, Growth & Government Affairs

Will leads our Growth & Government Affairs teams. He leverages his previous life as a strategy consultant to work with stakeholders to collaboratively design community-centric micromobility schemes that are tailored to serve our partner’s mobility needs. When he’s not introducing people to Zipp Mobility’s “mobility done right” ethos you’ll probably find him hiking, pitching his tent, running or swimming in the Irish sea!

Rui Paiva
Head of European Expansion

Rui is leading Zipp's growth in the European market. Previous to Zipp, Rui launched shared micromobility operations in Greece, Poland, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy and Portugal. Now he is actively working with local authorities across Europe to bring Zipp to their cities. In his downtime you will likely find Rui cheering on his home club of FC Porto or out running in the hot Portuguese sun.

Lorcan Brophy
Analytics Lead

Lorcan works with the Growth team to understand how our service is used and how we can improve it. When he's not crunching numbers, Lorcan cooks incredible Asian food that puts all of Zipp's employee's lunchboxes to shame. Lorcan's also an avid surfer. Is he better than Charlie? The 2021 Zipp Mobility Surf Open is being planned to test that.

Bryan Maguire


Bryan has over 29 years of experience in the technology sector as a CEO and CFO. Bryan has taken a company from start-up to IPO on the NASDAQ and led funding rounds of more than €10 million. Bryan has worked with some of the Ireland’s most successful start-ups. 

Ali Nolan
Customer Success Associate

Ali is our Customer Success Associate working within the Operations team to ensure that we can provide as high quality a service as possible to our customers. When she’s not perfecting our customer experience you will find her hiking, looking up cheap flights, or hanging out with her doggo (he is called Toby and is potentially cuter than Charlie's, but let's not get into it).