Complaints Policy

When To Use This Policy

When you complain to us, we will usually respond in the way we explain below. Sometimes, you might be concerned about matters that are not decided by us (e.g. things under the control of our local government partners or national government regulators) and we will then advise you about how to make your concerns known.

How To Submit a Complaint

You can make a complaint in any of the ways below:
•      You can make a complaint using the form on our website at
•      You can use the customer support function in our app.
•      You can email us at

What Should You Include In Your Complaint

•      Remember to state your name, address and telephone number (and email, if applicable) and whether you are acting on behalf of someone else.
•      Briefly describe what your complaint is about stating relevant locations, the vehicle number, dates and times, if applicable.
•      List your specific concerns starting with the most important concern.
•      Be clear about what you are hoping to achieve (for example a refund, apology, explanation, etc.).
•      State your preferred method of communication.

These details are needed to handle your complaint.

Dealing With Your Complaint

‍We will formally acknowledge your complaint within two working days and let you know how we intend to deal with it. We will deal with your complaint in an open and honest way. If you are making a complaint on behalf of somebody else, we will need their agreement to you acting on their behalf.


After we have investigated your complaint, we will let you know our conclusions. We will explain how and why we came to our conclusions. If we find that Zipp were at fault, we will tell you what and why it happened.

Putting Things Right

If we didn’t do something well, we will aim to put it right. If you have lost out as a result of a mistake on our part we will try to put you back in the position you would have been in if we had got it right.  

Learning Lessons

We take your complaints seriously and try to learn from any mistakes we have made. Our senior management team considers a summary of all complaints on a regular basis as well as details of any serious complaints. Where there is a need for change, we will develop an action plan setting out what we will do, who will do it and when we plan to do it by.

What We Expect From You

In times of trouble or distress, some people may act out of character. There may have been upsetting or distressing circumstances leading up to a complaint. We do not view behaviour as unacceptable just because someone is forceful or determined. We believe that all complainants have the right to be heard, understood and respected. However, we also consider that our staff have the same rights. We, therefore, expect you to be polite and courteous in your dealings with us. We will not tolerate aggressive or abusive behaviour, unreasonable demands or unreasonable persistence.